The Ultimate Tracking System for Stillages, Skip Bins & Waste Management Assets

BinaryLoop is a tracking solution that can monitor the location and usage of your stillages, skip bins and waste management assets. We offer a simple and effective way to prevent loss and maximise the usage of your valuable assets.

Waste bins with tracking devices.

How it Works

Increase utilisation and revenue while reducing your capital expenditure.

The Cicada connects your assets to the internet, so you can easily monitor the activity of your mobile assets and communicate with your team. This will increase your cost-savings, recycling rates, and achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders in waste management and recycling.

  • Simple Installation

    The team at BinaryLoop will identify and connect all your traceable assets with no interruption to your operations.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Low maintenance and cost effective compared to GPS asset monitoring. Cicadas have a 7-year battery life.

  • Instant Asset Audits

    BinaryLoop has standalone software with a multitude of reporting options and reliable technical support. Now, you can have an instant asset audit at your fingertips, and never lose track again.

  • Full Support & Training

    BinaryLoop cares for the rollout, customisation, maintenance, and lifetime support of your system and its users. Binary Loop integrates seamlessly into your current business systems.

Stop losing stillages and skip bins

Now, you will know exactly where your property is located.

Maximise the usability of your assets

Now, you can prevent your assets from sitting unused.

Comply with chain of responsibility laws

Now, you can hold everyone accountable in the chain of responsibility.

Location tracking software showing location of assets in Australia.

The BinaryLoop system gave us instant visibility on my assets. This saved a lot of time and also helped with customer queries. Revenue and utilisation increased a lot more than we anticipated.

BinaryLoop Customer

Sydney NSW

Large green skip bin filled with mixed waste items.

Getting Started

BinaryLoop tracks all connected devices in real-time to revolutionise resource recovery and asset management processes

By introducing smart technology IoT tracking, BinaryLoop has the potential to revolutionise your waste management system. Binary Loop is the turnkey solution to track and measure the activities of containers, skip bins, trucks, and related assets. In a short time, we can have your BinaryLoop system installed and operating.

  1. Easy Installation

    Tracking components include sensors, devices and networks connected to waste containers, bins and trucks, so your waste management processes can be monitored and optimised in real-time. We supply the tracking devices and instructions for easy installation.
  2. Customise Dashboard

    BinaryLoop offers a customised dashboard to suit your business. Our experienced engineers will ensure the dashboard integrates seamlessly with your current processes.
  3. Lifetime Support

    Once your Cicadas are installed, BinaryLoop is ready to be be activated! Instantly track and monitor your assets with access to revolutionary insights about your waste management cycles. Our role is to support the sustainability and continuity of your operations.
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BinaryLoop will help improve your customer service, business efficiency, and profitability.

Building a better waste business is achievable with BinaryLoop. We're helping Australia's largest waste management organisations to improve their business systems.
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BinaryLoop utilises industry-leading IoT and 5G technologies to reveal crucial new data about your waste management processes. Our proprietary solution is designed to optimise your processes and environmental outcomes.

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